We build creative spaces: retail centers, corporate campuses, market halls and custom homes. Every project that bears our name begins with a unique design, created in response to our questions:

• Who are you?
• What do you consider beautiful?
• How do you desire to use your space?

We work back from your responses with a technical expertise gained from a lifetime building dwellings and workspaces that unify our clients’ energy and aesthetics. Old constraints don’t apply. Traditional labels don’t fit.

Designing for you and building to our standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility creates an authentic space that lasts. Design + Build enhances your experience today and provides insurance for the future.

How do you want to live in the world?

How do you want to live at home?

The aesthetic and flow of your home reflect your beliefs. Only you know your needs and desires for your most intimate spaces. We bring cohesion, balance andsustainability to your understanding of who you are and how you engage in your private life.

Investing in Design + Build for your custom home, addition or renovation is a value proposition. From timeless design to the smallest structural details, we create a home with integrity that reflects and increases the energy of those who dwell within. You don’t need to compromise your belief system to build an impressive home. You just need to recognize the most important audience.

What are the needs of your people?

You have requirements for your space. Whether your starting point is undeveloped acreage or an existing structure, Design + Build elevates your function to its highest form.

Construction artistry and structural integrity combine to maximize the value of your building or campus so that the synergy of your internal program, land usage and facility empowers the end user. Your largest tangible asset should demonstrate thoughtful stewardship of your organization’s resources and reflect its values, today and tomorrow.

How do furnishings serve your space?

We work with you to determine the function of your industrial elements and furniture and then use the Design + Build process to create appropriate pieces from materials that share aesthetic and functional values with your structure.

Each aspect of your project’s construction connects in a manner that expresses your character. The harmony of each element provides a sense of peace and completeness. Integrating site and structure, interior and exterior, furniture and functional elements provides your project with integrity of form and function and value that surpasses prestige.